The Sundance Square Management Team

We invite you to learn more about the members of the Sundance Square management team, who use specialized skills and experience to spur the success of our 35 block, mixed-use development in downtown Fort Worth.

Johnny K. Campbell

President and CEO

Been there, done that.

This perfectly describes the President and CEO of Sundance Square, who has stepped on just about every rung of the corporate ladder on his way up.

At age 16, Johnny was cutting the grass at a Houston shopping mall owned by the Rouse Company, a premier shopping center and mixed-use development firm. At 21, he became the youngest security chief ever at the company. And with promotion after promotion, he gained experience in many other areas, from leasing and marketing to engineering and project management. Ultimately, he became director of operations for some of the most prominent mixed-use developments in the nation, including Harborplace and The Gallery in Baltimore, Pioneer Place in Portland, The Riverwalk in New Orleans, Tabor Center in Denver and Arizona Center in Phoenix.

If one of the marks of great leaders is their ability to put themselves in the shoes of their staff members, Sundance Square is fortunate to have someone at the helm who has literally done just that.

His diverse experiences have also shaped his leadership style and the corporate culture at Sundance Square. Since he joined the company in 2001, Johnny has built a management team comprised of top professionals, making sure that he has the “best in class” for every department. He gives managers responsibilities, the freedom to accomplish those responsibilities on their own and the encouragement to take risks, knowing they’ll be fully supported. In a fast-moving market environment, the management team is nimble and quick, making smart decisions grounded in their deep knowledge of the Sundance Square vision.

Under Johnny’s leadership, Sundance Square has grown dramatically. Sales have more than tripled since 2001, and five new buildings totaling 800,000 square feet have been added. The average weekly foot traffic has climbed to 123,000, and the annual marketing budget has quadrupled due to sponsorships and ancillary income. In his tenure, the development has earned prestigious regional and national accolades, maintained remarkably high occupancy rates, and become one of the top purchasers of renewable energy in the U.S. In 2013, he oversaw the creation of Sundance Square Plaza, which is recognized internationally as a model for urban placemaking.

“We’ve always seen Sundance Square as a catalyst in the revitalization of downtown Fort Worth,” Campbell said. “Our goal was to create a vibrant center city from which new development could emanate throughout downtown. And that’s exactly what has happened.”

A graduate of the University of Houston, Johnny also has a big impact on the area through his support of a wide variety of community organizations and causes. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Fort Worth Sister Cities International, and is a past chairman of the Board of Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. and remains on that Board. He serves on the Board of Directors of the UNT Health Sciences Center, the North Texas Commission, the Downtown Tax Increment Financing District, the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, Visit Fort Worth, Streams & Valleys, BOMA of Fort Worth, the Aledo Education Foundation, the Davey O’Brien Foundation and the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association. He also served three terms on the Aledo Independent School District Board of Trustees.

If you want to see an example of a CEO who truly “talks the talk and walks the walk,” look no further than Johnny Campbell.

Robert Gamblin

Director of Leasing

Ten million square feet is a whole lot of space – about as big as 225 football fields or a 175-acre ranch.

It’s also the approximate size of the total commercial leases Robert Gamblin has secured in his 20+ years at Sundance Square. In his role as Director of Leasing, he helps bring companies of all kinds – from multi-national corporations to independently owned retail stores – to this dynamic downtown development. Robert is responsible for filling a portfolio that includes 44 buildings with more than four million square feet of usable space. During his time at Sundance Square, occupancy has remained at very high levels – 90% and above – even during periods of national economic downturns.

As he works to attract companies to the area, he stresses all the things tenants receive with every square foot in Sundance Square: a vibrant, multi-use environment; many places to shop, dine, and be entertained within walking easy distance; a great location near major highways and DFW Airport; and a welcoming, pro-business attitude.

On the retail side, Robert seeks to find the perfect combination of stores that will drive more people to shop downtown. He develops a keen understanding of retailers’ needs, then finds spaces where they’ll thrive for years. Thanks to Robert, Sundance Square boasts an enticing mix of national brands and local boutiques.

Before he got his foot in the door at Sundance Square, Robert worked in the restaurant industry, where he honed many useful management skills, including stellar customer service, extra attention to detail, and an appreciation for employees at all levels.

As a member of the Business Retention and Expansion Committee for the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, Robert helps the entire city put its best foot forward. He’s a leader with Boy Scouts of America Troop 68 in Arlington, and an Eagle Scout himself. He also serves as a children’s leader with Bible Study Fellowship International and as an Elder at Rush Creek Christian Church.

He holds a B.S. from Texas Tech University and is a Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker.

“It’s so gratifying to see the continuing transformation of Sundance Square,” says Robert. “A lot of that is due to the persistence of our team in improving the merchandising mix and office base here.”

There’s no question that Robert’s contribution to Sundance Square’s success has been sizable – in fact, about 10 million square feet.


Dale Kesteloot

Director of Operations

Dale Kesteloot has a desk, but you’ll rarely find him behind it. After all, Dale is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of 40+ buildings and the grounds covering 35 blocks of Sundance Square. He also oversees all the construction, tenant improvements, and capital improvement projects, and is head of an engineering department with 20+ engineers, 12 housekeepers, and a host of outside contractors. Are you beginning to understand why Dale is never at his desk?

A world-class downtown development like Sundance Square requires a world-class Director of Operations – and Dale is definitely that. On any given day, he can be called upon to manage a dizzying variety of tasks, challenges, and hidden surprises, from the plumbing at a building built in the 1880s to the office finish-out in a gleaming skyscraper. He handles all of them with the utmost expertise, patience, and attention to detail.

Dale has worked in development and building operations for more than 35 years, serving in the trades before taking on the chief engineer role. While working at Del Webb Realty & Management, he was named “Engineer of the Year” over 125 other engineers two years in a row. Before joining Sundance Square, Dale worked at the Rouse Company – a pioneer in the development of shopping malls and festival marketplaces in the U.S. – where he served as Facilities Manager for a premier urban center in Phoenix that was one of the company’s crown jewels.

“The most valuable skill I learned early on is to treat the project like you owned it and treat the tenants and customers fairly and honestly,” says Dale.

He is a long-time member of the Building and Owner’s Managers Association (BOMA) and also serves on the board of directors of the Fort Worth Black Chamber of Commerce.

Dale obviously takes a lot of pride in the ongoing success of Sundance Square. “Walking around and seeing the customers enjoying themselves brings me great joy and a feeling of accomplishment,” he says.

Just remember: if you need to get in touch with Dale, don’t go to his office. More than likely, he’ll be out in Sundance Square, taking care of business and making sure everything is operating exactly as it should.

Barry D. Lohr, CAPP

Director of Parking Services

Texans love their vehicles, from big trucks to sleek sports cars. And when they head to Sundance Square, they always want to know: “Where do I park?”

Barry Lohr definitely has the answer. As Director of Parking Services, he oversees one of the largest and most complex parking operations in Texas, encompassing 35 blocks with three multi-level parking garages, more than 4,500 parking spaces, and a popular valet service. With Barry in the driver’s seat, the parking program in Sundance Square runs like a finely tuned Ferrari.

His in-depth expertise makes him a national leader within the parking and transportation industry. His responsibilities go on for miles: operational and fiscal accountability, transportation planning, revenue control, value maximization, customer satisfaction, garage operational design, project management, even oversight of a fuel distribution center. With this kind of knowledge, it’s obvious that Barry can make smart, senior-level management decisions on a dime.

One of his biggest accomplishments is the valet parking program – an innovative amenity for Sundance Square visitors. On the inaugural day, the valet staff parked 25 cars. Thanks to consistent marketing and great service, they now park more than 260,000 cars annually, making this one of the highest-volume valet programs in the Lone Star State.

How much experience does Barry have in parking? Lots. Over his career, Barry has 20+ years of management experience at all levels of the industry, from commercial properties to high-volume personnel transportation. Prior to joining Sundance Square, he worked for Central Parking Corporation for 10 years in cities throughout the U.S. As the general manager of the Dallas office, he had direct responsibility for 100+ mixed-use commercial parking facilities generating $45 million annually, with personnel oversight of a 27-person management team and more than 400 line employees.

He’s a member of the International Parking and Mobility Institute and past board member and officer of the Texas Parking and Transportation Association. He also serves on the executive council of the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl.

Barry holds a Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP) from the University of Virginia and a B.S. in business administration from Tennessee Tech University.

What’s the secret to his success? “I’ve found that good personnel is the key factor for success in any job. I believe in trusting your people and giving them the authority to make good decisions,” he says.

When you roll into Sundance Square and find parking a breeze, you have Barry to thank.

Joanne Massey


Joanne Massey is a Sundance Square pioneer. In the early 1980s, she was working with the Bass Companies when the first few blocks were developed, the first establishments opened, and the area was named after a famous outlaw of the Old West. Over the years, she’s watched Sundance Square grow from a blighted, practically deserted, urban desert into the dazzling, award-winning, incredibly popular development it is today.

As Controller, she’s worked diligently behind the scenes, handling receivables, payables, cash management, budgeting, reporting, loan compliance, staff management, and just about anything else that has to do with numbers or money. As Sundance Square expanded, she was always there, balancing workloads, running numbers, tackling special projects, meeting deadlines, and ensuring that people had the accounting information they needed, when they needed it.

Over the years, she’s researched, purchased, and implemented four major accounting systems – each time eliminating the amount of manual work necessary. In the last 20 years, even as corporate revenues rose from $30 to $80 million and square footage under management increased 40%, her staff size has remained the same. That’s a testament to her outstanding dedication and efficiency.

Before joining the company, she worked at Weaver & Tidwell, where, among other things, she learned that she didn’t want to be a tax accountant. She traded in boring tax returns for major excitement as she watched a visionary downtown master plan literally come to life before her eyes. When she joined as a staff accountant, she worked with a variety of related firms, including Bass Brothers Enterprises, City Center Development Company, and Sundance Square. In 1986, she devoted herself full-time to her position as Controller for Sundance Square.  

Joanne is a member of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the American Institute of Public Accountancy, the Texas Society of CPAs, and the Fort Worth Chapter of CPAs. She attends Doxology Bible Church, regularly volunteering for special projects and attending weekly Bible study.

She holds a BS in accounting from TCU and maintains her CPA license by completing 40 hours of continuing education each year.

“I’ve not only watched this company grow from nearly the beginning and seen the continual development of our downtown holdings, but I’ve been an integral part of that transformation,” said Joanne. “I’m so grateful to have been given this rare opportunity.”

Spoken like a true pioneer.