About Sundance Square Management

Sundance Square manages, oversees, and programs 35 contiguous blocks in the heart of downtown Fort Worth. No other company in America manages such a large and diverse portfolio of old and new buildings in a single downtown development.

We’re an onsite management team that is highly involved, responsive, and committed to delivering first-class service to our tenants. We have decades of experience managing and leasing Class A and B office and retail space, as well as apartment homes. In all, we manage nearly 4 million feet of space in this dazzling downtown district.

Ask anyone who works or lives in Sundance Square, and you’ll hear about a company that truly cares about service and security. We’re constantly working to ensure that everything runs smoothly and tenants’ concerns are addressed promptly. Managing all 35 blocks of Sundance Square as a single project gives us the expertise and resources to handle practically any issue quickly and efficiently.

Our successful management of this exciting, mixed-use district is one of the reasons why Sundance Square is seen as a model of urban development.

Sundance Square’s management offices are located on the 7th floor of the Wells Fargo Tower.